Cocktails , Cookies & Couture Art Apron

I Was Published in Apron-ology!!

This beautiful apron, made from my pajamas and materials that I had in my art room will be featured, along with my  Red Domestic Goddess Apron in Stampington’s Press, Apron-ology, February 2011!! I am so honored and excited as I am making these aprons, and yet I can’t cook!

My Beautiful Model and neighbor, Doris, titled my apron, “Cocktails and Cookies”. Needless she has her shaker out mixing them to make a martini!    She is also modeling my “Music Pearls Earrings“.  We had a blast with this photo shoot!

I cut out the creme lace bottoms from my pajamas, added the pockets, lined the apron with sheers and used my husband’s mother vintage crochet flowers to embellish this apron.  What Cocktails and Cookies would you consume in my apron?    

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