Ethnic Dolls, Oil Painting by Trish Vernazza

Ethnic Dolls

My Ethnic Dolls are  ones  that you won’t find on the shelves of Walmart!  Large Canvas 48″Lx30″Hx 1 1/2D.   A few years ago I received these dolls from a person who knew I appreciated art, crafts and collected interesting dolls.  They sat on my art shelf for years staring at me in their plastic boxes.   Upon encouragement from Leslie Nemour, Artist, Instructor to paint collectibles, I decided to play with my dolls!    I had never taken the dolls out of their boxes, until Leslie and I decided to see the fabrics upclose.  What a surprise.  They were plastic, molded old styled Barbie Dolls, with Yellow Blonde hair, hand painted kookie styled blue eyes, wrapped in these beautiful fabrics.  All held together by old rusty pins.  I realized how precious they were.    Thus began my 6 month process of painting my dolls to come to life.

Red Dolls AGreen Doll AAvailable for the  fearless and culturally aware,  Art Collector on my Etsy site.  Photo cards also available.

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