Painting Brushes and their Holders


After enrolling in oil paint classes and finally understanding my brushes, how to clean them, etc., I needed to store then in a roll up.  They no longer sell these  at Aaron Brothers so I decided to make my own.  I used Cotton Duck Cloth and scrap fabrics of the zodiacs I had lying around the house.  Voila!!! I shall paint away.  Thank you to everyone who has given me brushes and paints over the years.  Never knew I had so many until I made my holder!

Eyes of the Artist, Oil Painting by Trish Vernazza

Eyes of the Artist, 48×60, Oil painting on Heavy Duty Canvas for sale on my Etsy site, $555.55 Created by assignment from my art instructor, Leslie, who wanted us to address our fears.  Mine was fear of loosing my passion and artistic eye for combining patterns, colors,  flowers, unusual objects and a fascination with the costumes of matador legs.  If you turn my painting any which way, the Eyes Follow you!!  I was so surprised when we turned the paintings and my eyes kept staring at the viewer.  Hence:  Mona Lisa Eyes!!  Eyes of the Artist Eyes on Right Eyes on bottom Eyes on Top