Couture Tshirt for Carol

Thank you  to Carol!  You look  so Divine in your art  tshirt!  It was a honor to be commissioned to create this shirt for her to wear while attending an  Art & Soul re-treatl!  She is so beautiful and compliments my design wonderfully!  Happy & Lucky to have a new friend! She is one of my ladies who makes a great model!

An  organic t-shirt like this will be featured in Altered Couture, Stampington Press, Winter 2011!   I am so lucky to meet such wonderful friends! Carol Mulder-Millspaugh,  of Oregon is an artist!

Can’t you tell by that twinkle in her eye!

Walking through a garden of beautiful delights

Inspired by a garden of earthy delights I created this art paper crown to express my inspirations and the shoes to walk among the garden of creation.

Wouldn’t Alice look fantastic wandering around the garden with her beautiful crown, chasing her white rabbit?!

The Crown can be purchased on my Etsy site.

My art shoes are altered with various fabric and paper flowers, ribbons, butterflies, acrylic paint, gold leaf paper and embellishments.  I love the kitten heels!  Of course, I would wear the crown and the shoes as I walk through any magical garden

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Women of the World

As Mother’s Day approaches us, I am thankful for all my wonderful women friends who continue to love, contribute, support and embrace women of the world.  I remember my grandmother, In Tampa, Florida, who created the Women’s Garden Center, in which I would wander around the gardens looking  into the pool of reflection as a young child.  She had this large wooden gate which adjoined the center that I remember unlocking before we would set upon our journey.  A large watering pool were surrounded by lily pads, flowers and garden benches.  Many times we would sit, read, contemplate or simply sun.   My oil pastel drawing/painting, reflects those memories and reminds me of my own grandmother, mother and her friends.