Fashion that Heals!

I’m so excited to be featured at Tri City’s Fashion Show “Fashion that Heals!” on Saturday, May 17, 2014 at the Sheraton Carlsbad Resort and Spa.

Proceeds from this upscale fashion show will benefit women’s heart health programs at Tri-City Medical Center. Last year’s second annual event helped fund $350,000 in the latest digital mammography equipment. Since its inception, Tri-City Hospital Foundation has funded over $43 million dollars to support Tri-City Medical Center.

My couture aprons will be on display and my couture dress will be the finale!!

For more information or to purchase a ticket visit:

Got aprons?
Got aprons?



It must be spring!! Time for a gorgeous couture apron!
It must be spring!! Time for gorgeous couture aprons!




Falling Horse

Graceful Heinz of Idaho purchased the original Falling Horse!  She is  very special lady with a special heart and insightful art eye! One of my best pieces!  You may purchase additional prints from my Etsy site!

This piece is so dear to my heart as it was my  process while working with mentally ill clients at Berkeley Creative Living Center.   It also inspired my book, “Woman, Art & Mental Illness. ”  Thank you Graceful!